Why Pay More? Settle Your Credit Card Bills With The Lowest Promo Rate

Yes, you heard us right. Pay4U’s lowest Promo Rate of 1.65% is back once again. Pay off your Credit Card Bill by moving it to your next billing cycle via Pay4U.

You can use this Promo Rate as many times as you want for any number of Credit Card Bills until 31 March 2023. It will be automatically applied before you make your final payment.

Take this opportunity to go into your 2023 with your Credit Card Bills all paid to your creditors! This will give you more spending room for New Year, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. This also means less late fees and no interest rate hikes from unpaid bills.

The  Credit Card Transaction Limit has also gone up  from RM7,500 to RM10,000! That means you can pay even more of your Credit Card Bills with Pay4U.

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