3 Practical Steps to Tackle Money Stress and Gain Financial Confidence
19th September 2023

Money troubles can be quite stressful.

How To Start an Emergency Fund Now
4th August 2023

Investing in your future by pursuing....

The Benefits of Using a Credit Card for Everyday Expenses
5th July 2023

Most working individuals would own at least 1 credit card.

Pay4U Is Now Optimized for the Samsung Galaxy Fold & Samsung Galaxy Flip Phones
10th April 2023

Do you know Pay4U is now optimized on all Samsung Galaxy Fold and Flip Phones?…

Six Ways to Finish Paying Your PTPTN Loan Faster
10th March 2023

Investing in your future by pursuing tertiary education is an excellent decision.…

Are You Doing Enough To Prepare For Higher Inflation?
11th January 2023

Everyone’s hearing about the potential global recession that’s going to hit in 2023...

Kerjasama POMEN dan Pay4U untuk Meringankan Beban Tunai Bengkel dan Tuan-punya Kenderaan.
20th September 2022

  • Kitaran Industri Bengkel dan Kenderaan yang Makin Mendesak.
  • Kerjasam POMEN dan Pay4U Meringankan Gantungan Bengkel dan Pengguna kepada Tunai.

Pelantar Pay4U Yang Menolong Rakyat Malaysia Yang Kecundang …
5th July 2022

Pelantar pengaktifan kad kredit, Pay4U, telah membantu lebih 1,000 pengguna baru …

Pay4U and GoKingKong Introduces Alternative for Fiscal Management in a Cash Constraint Weather
5th July 2022

On 23rd June 2021, Malaysia’s Economic Monitor Report was released by the World Bank. Unsurprisingly, albeit still worrying, among the findings is that Malaysian SMEs have insufficient cash-flow to withstand the 

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